Protective Non-woven Dust/Water/Alcohol Resistance Clothing

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High breaking strength and abrasion resistance. No odor, resistant to dust, germs. For general isolation.

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– Large (Suitable for 180cm-198cm) Isolation clothing
– Medium(Suitable for 155cm-180cm) Isolation clothing
– Medical Shoes Cover (One size)
– Material: 65% PP + 35% PE Non-woven
– Use range: Isolation, dustproof, waterproof,Alcohol proof,epidemic prevention, spray painting, pesticide spraying
– Product expiration date: One-time use, storage period is 3 years
– Color: As pitcture shows
– Resistant to blood and water
– High breaking strength and abrasion resistance
– No odor, resistant to dust, germs
– Intended use: For general isolation in medical institutions, normal wards, examination rooms, Workshop, factory ,quarantine ,farm etc except ICU and operating room can not be used.
Package Included:
1x Siamese Isolation clothing (Option)
1x Medical Shoes Cover(Option)